talentmonkeys finds your candidates

We use performance recruiting and AI to find qualified candidates for your jobs on 50+ channels.

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How does it work?

All you have to do is upload the job ad to our recruiter portal, set the budget and give us the go signal with one click.

We do the rest for you!

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Reach qualified candidates on active and passive channels

Active job seekers will find your premium ad on relevant job portals. We ensure that your ad is optimally placed in the respective search results. Passive candidates are reached on social media, among other places. Machine learning guarantees more reach to your target group, while the geographical radius in which your ad is played out can be narrowed down.


Job ads on 50+ channels - with just one click

Your job posting is automatically posted on over 50 channels. Our algorithm initially targets your ad on the channels that have already generated a large number of qualified candidates for similar jobs in the past.



More qualified applicants through artificial intelligence

The talentmonkeys algorithm understands and learns which channels generate qualified candidates. To spend your budget only where it's worth it for you, it's reallocated daily to the channels that deliver lots of qualified applications. To convert undecided candidates, we show them your ad again via retargeting.


Mobile- and conversion-optimized applicant process

Interested applicants go through our mobile- and conversion-optimized applicant process and answer selection questions directly online that are relevant to your job. Candidates also indicate when and how they can be reached.



Candidates directly into BMS

We deliver your candidates directly to your BMS. You can also view and manage all applications in your HeyJobs Recruiter portal.


Identify the best candidates and contact them immediately

We mark candidates who have answered all selection questions correctly as Gold candidates for you. This allows you to easily and quickly identify which candidates best fit your position and contact them directly.


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