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AI Performance Recruiting

Our Approach

We use performance recruiting and AI to find qualified candidates for your jobs on 30+ channels. All you have to do is upload the job ad to our recruiter portal, set the budget and give us the go signal with one click.


Reach both active & passive candidates

We ensure that your ad is optimally placed in the respective search results. Machine learning guarantees reach to your target group, in your geographical radius.


Job ads on 30+ channels

Your job posting is posted on over 30 channels. Our algorithm targets your ad on the channels that have generated qualified candidates for similar jobs in the past. 


Qualified applicants through AI

Our algorithm understands and learns which channels generate qualified candidates. While smartly allocating your budget so it works efficiently for your goal.

How it works


Mobile-optimized applicant process

Interested applicants go through our mobile and conversion-optimized applicant process and answer questions directly relevant to your job. 


Candidates directly into BMS

We deliver your candidates directly to your BMS. Our solution allows you to view and manage all applications in your recruiter portal.


Contact your candidates directly

We highlight candidates who have answered all selection questions correctly as Gold candidates for you. You can then contact these candidates directly.

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