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5 reasons why you should start thinking of active sourcing

As stated in our previous blog entries, the active sourcing market is expanding significantly due to the increasing number of potential job entrants from Generation Z and Alpha. Currently, 85% of all potential candidates are not actively seeking new job opportunities, but remain open to passive opportunities as they arise.

find qualified candidates through active sourcing

Therefore, active sourcing is becoming increasingly relevant!

Proactive recruiting, or active sourcing, involves the methodical identification and outreach to highly skilled and qualified job candidates who are not actively seeking to change positions. Here are six compelling reasons to prioritize active sourcing:

  1. Talent scarcity: With the global competition for talent increasing, it's becoming more difficult for companies to find qualified candidates for their open positions. Active sourcing allows companies to tap into a wider pool of potential candidates, thus filling open vacancies.

  2. More targeted recruitment: Active sourcing enables organizations to focus on specific skill sets and experience, ensuring that they find the best possible candidates for the job.

  3. Increased diversity: Active sourcing can also help companies increase diversity in their hiring by reaching out to candidates from different backgrounds and experiences who - due to different entry barriers - would have not applied through traditional channels. As such, companies can expand their pool of candidates and create a more inclusive workplace.

  4. Employer branding: Active sourcing can also help companies improve their employer brand by showing potential candidates that they are proactive and invested in finding the best talent. This can lead to a positive reputation among job seekers and a stronger pipeline of potential candidates.

  5. Reduced time-to-hire: By proactively sourcing candidates, organizations maneuver potential hires directly into their recruiting pipeline, thus saving time and money.

Overall, active sourcing is an important strategy for companies to consider when looking to attract top talent and fill open positions with the best possible candidates. Are you now hooked on active sourcing? We've got you! Stay tuned for our next article.

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